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TROWBRIDGE - The Esquire Art Collection


The Esquire Art Collection marks the first time the iconic men's magazine has made its vast archives available for purchase. Using illustrations from early issues and photographs from Trowbridge, this collection boasts over 250 pieces. Each piece is framed by Trowbridge ensuring the very high standard of quality demanded by the discerning customer of today.

Since its first issue in 1933, Esquire has been the authority for modern, sophisticated men on topics ranging from politics and sports to style, cars, women, and popular culture. The Esquire Art Collection reflects those diverse interests with a variety of framed photographs, illustrations, and sketches, and it celebrates the work of influential artists (including Alberto Vargas - the artist behind The "Pin-up Girl" Series) whose depictions were integral to the magazine in its early years. The collection is witty, irreverent, entertaining, timeless, and always in style—just like the man who owns it.


The Esky Portrait Series

The Esky portrait series features the iconic mascot of Esquire magazine's early years. Created by famed cartoonist E. Simms Campbell in collaboration with sculptor Sam Berman, this witty and irreverent popeyed man-about-town appeared on nearly every Esquire cover for twenty years. He was the magazine's earliest symbol of male sophistication and success.


The Pin-up Girl Series

Designed for Esquire magazine by renowned artist Alberto Vargas, this series embodies the glamour and sophisticated sex appeal of the 40's pin-up girl. Although closely identified with the World War II era, the images also have a contemporary appeal. Their enduring and simple beauty has allowed the collection to be recognized as an important part of American culture.


The Talking Shop Series

These charming editorial gesture drawings were featured in the pages of the earliest issues of Esquire magazine during the 1930's. Each hand-drawn sketch depicts a view of the Esquire man's hobbies and interests - from sports and entertaining, to grooming and culture.


The Photo Series

This photography series conveys the stylish sophistication of the Esquire man. Curated by the editors at Esquire magazine and the creative talent at Trowbridge, the collection expresses the lifestyle and interests of the modern man, from industry to the arts.


The Ad Series

Esquire Magazine's vintage guidebook advertisements from the 1930's feature Esky – Esquire's irrepressible host to living at it's best. He sought to arm readers with the kind of information that only the most savvy editors possessed, an advanced course in how to be a sophisticated man in the best and truest sense of the word.

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