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Emma Lawrenson

Emma Lawrenson is an experienced British Printmaker whose studio is in picturesque rural Yorkshire. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art as well as a Masters degree in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art. As her unique collections and personal portfolio have grown, she has exhibited routinely throughout the United Kingdom and several European cities since 1997. Emma feels most comfortable in her home studio, where her new collections are developed. Her own artwork lines the walls of the studio, injecting continuous inspiration, whilst varying pots of printing inks and colour samples can be found on the tables. The inspiration for her designs come from outside the studio when the artist is simply out and about. Small details in architecture or maybe a shell on the beach act as essential ingredients when planning shapes or textures, which can be documented through a quick photograph. Back at home, this will lead on to further planning, sketching and paint sampling before the laborious task of screen-printing in a near by printing workshop begins.

Sets by Emma Lawrenson

Emma Lawrenson - The Ultimate Collection
Emma Lawrenson - Abstracts

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