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Claire Ongley

trowbridge artist - Claire Ongley Claire Ongley likes to break the rules of traditional painting. Her simple organic forms have an energy that stems from deep within the sweeping brushstrokes, composed in a way that displays a controlled order within a tight space of seemingly spontaneous marks. Claire sees her inspirations building from famous post-modernist painters of the 1980's. Figurative, abstract and monochromatic paintings give Claire as sense of joy and freedom when creating. The movement displayed in her heavy oil paintings brings a raw and very bold look to the finished design, enhancing the texture and enforcing rigid structure to the artists' works of art.

Sets by Claire Ongley

Claire Ongley - Yellow Tulips
Claire Ongley - Pimento Tulips
Claire Ongley - Pimento Tulips
Claire Ongley - Tulips Grey
Claire Ongley - Tulips Nine Piece
Claire Ongley - Tulips

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