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Allan Jenkins

Allan is a freelance photographer who specialises in portraiture, travel and studio based photography. He combines his interests in peoples identities with his fine art background, to create a wide range of photographs. His fascination with identity and multiculturalism is mirrored by his own up bringing, born in Wales, raised in Catalonia (Spain), educated in Madrid, Tarragona and Yorkshire and finally London where he's been living and working since 1993. The style of his photography combines a graphic finesse with an almost spiritual like quality of calm and serenity, his distinctive treatment of the portraiture is instantly recognisable. His work has been published in numerous magazines, such as Conde Nash Traveller and Elle Magazine. His clients range from Ralph Lauren to Ikea and most recently the BBC. Allan has also just recently published his first book: Nude Photography Notebook and is currently working on his second one: Organic Photography Notebook.

Sets by Allan Jenkins

Allan Jenkins - Still Life
Allan Jenkins - Nudes

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