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Susan Hicks

Susan Hicks

Educated at Dundas Valley School of Art in Canada and then St Martins in London in the UK Susan's work has sold in London, the USA and Australia. Susan has been creatively involved in commercial film promoting cutting edge technology for companies like O2, Samsung, Visa & MasterCard. "I am fascinated by people and love to capture a moment of their time in my paintings". Susan Hicks uses the classical composition of life study to create a modern stylised series of figurative works. The collection speaks the volumes of traditional sophistication, with tones of early 20th century masters, interspersed with the blotting of watercolour upon a crisp background. This approach makes us appreciate the curvature of her drawn lines, contextualised by their own interlocking and thus forming the human body. The technique generates a feminine touch, the bodies being softened despite the chosen poses. The finished result is clean yet still possesses the life and movement required to make a successful life-drawing.

Sets by Susan Hicks

White on Grey - Trowbridge Gallery White on Grey
White on Taupe - Trowbridge Gallery White on Taupe
White on Blue - Trowbridge Gallery White on Blue
Nudes - Trowbridge Gallery Nudes
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