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Maureen Chatfield

trowbridge artist - Maureen Chatfield Maureen describes her work as intuitive responses to the myriad forces that shape her life, with emotions translating to colour, memories and forms are the landscape, intertwined with a personal story of the past. Her works vary between the use of oil and acrylic, the latter being favoured when conceiving rapid, expressive layers upon the canvas. Her progression of artworks is one of constant experiment and change, building layers of colour, form and image on the canvas revealing the underlying pentimento. Chatfield says of her art, "My paintings are not planned, they are discovered, an evolution that is exciting and invigorating." Overall her objective is to underline the transformational power of the creative process.

Sets by Maureen Chatfield

Maureen Chatfield - Abstract Landscapes
Maureen Chatfield - Abstract Landscapes

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