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Jami Tarris

trowbridge artist - Jami Tarris Jami grew up in eastern Pennsylvania where she lived outside of a small town in a beautiful forested area. Her love for nature was reinforced by reading books by authors like Jack London and George Schaller. The growing need for adventure and solitude took Jami to remote corners of the world. It was in these places that she discovered the impact of human encroachment on wildlife and its habitat which fueled her desire to capture images of animals in the wild. Eight years ago, Jami gave up a successful corporate career and started photographing full-time. Her consciousness was awakened and the need to do something about it turned into a passion.

Sets by Jami Tarris

Jami Tarris - The Mighty Elephant
Jami Tarris - The Leopard
Jami Tarris - Wildlife Photography

Jami's photography has a strong focus on endangered species and habitats that are threatened. Her work has been published in magazines, books and newspapers all over the world including Africa Geographic, National Geographic, and Ranger Rick just to name a few. She has won international photography awards in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, The Smithsonian's Nature's Best and the National Wildlife Foundation.

Jami Tarris - Sepia Lion
Jami Tarris - Lion Profile
Jami Tarris - Zebras
Jami Tarris - Elephant
Jami Tarris - The Mighty Elephant

Jami Tarris's collection of stunning high quality and artistic wildlife photographs showcases some of the world's most beautiful animals. Each visually impacting image possesses and element of story and personality whilst the animals remain at ease in their natural habitat.

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