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Malcolm Sanders

Malcolm Sanders

After running several Fine Art galleries Malcolm Sanders spent the greater part of his professional life working as an art director and artist's agent. Malcolm Sanders began producing his own work only in recent years, beginning with photography and then experimenting with other media.<%BREAK%>Malcolm Sanders' works from London, England, where he lives with his wife and son, and has already seen a very enthusiastic response to his striking and atmospheric images. As an artist, Malcolm Sanders overriding aim is to create paintings that reach out to the viewer, creating a powerful sense of mood or place.<%BREAK%>Coastal subjects are a recurrent theme, and Malcolm Sanders believes that the ocean has a way of cleansing the spirit and reconnecting us with the innocence of childhood. In the coming years he plans to explore other techniques and subjects, seeking always to find fresh ways of representing the world around us.

Sets by Malcolm Sanders

Antigua Beach Triple - Trowbridge Gallery Antigua Beach Triple
Containment - Trowbridge Gallery Containment
Interconnect - Trowbridge Gallery Interconnect
Caribbean Beach Scenes - Trowbridge Gallery Caribbean Beach Scenes
Koi - Trowbridge Gallery Koi
Falling Pebbles - Trowbridge Gallery Falling Pebbles
Jaguar C-Type - Trowbridge Gallery Jaguar C-Type
Eclipse - Trowbridge Gallery Eclipse
Arabesque - Trowbridge Gallery Arabesque
Cloaking - Trowbridge Gallery Cloaking
Folding - Trowbridge Gallery Folding
Grids - Trowbridge Gallery Grids
Peaceful Colonnades - Trowbridge Gallery Peaceful Colonnades
Antigua Beach Jumbos - Trowbridge Gallery Antigua Beach Jumbos
Antigua Beach - Trowbridge Gallery Antigua Beach
Flowers - Trowbridge Gallery Flowers
Florals - Trowbridge Gallery Florals
Trees - Trowbridge Gallery Trees
Trees - Trowbridge Gallery Trees
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