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Lyndi Sales

trowbridge artist - Lyndi Sales Anyone who has admired the delicate intricacy of her work, will understand why South African Lyndi Sales is TROWBRIDGE's best-selling artist. She's renowned world-wide for her thought-provoking multi-dimensional works in paper and her installations featuring her homeland's birds and animals. For her collaboration with TROWBRIDGE, however, Lyndi has drawn inspiration from a long-held fascination with early 17th century botanical engravings, works that she first encountered when studying for her Master's degree at University of Cape Town. 'I found so much beauty in the engravings of those early 17th century botanical artists - pioneers such as Basilius Besler, who nurtured, catalogued and painted new species of plants in such meticulous detail. I really appreciated the way in which the works are able to be both complex and simply descriptive at one and the same time.' When it came to creating her own engravings in a style that paid homage to those earlier artists, Lyndi felt that the paper she used should be just as key as the images themselves. 'Continuing the natural, antique theme, I decided to use hand-made paper. I'm fortunate in that I am able to source this from a paper mill just a few miles from my studio. It's made from reeds from the Black River - our local water source - and has a wonderful subtle colour and texture.' she says. The etchings themselves are produced with a sharp etching needle onto copper-plate; the more detailed the image, the longer it will take to produce - the tree images that Lyndi produces for TROWBRIDGE, for instance, are particularly labour-intensive. A number of resists, including wax and a ground substance called rosin, can be applied to mask areas of the plate before it is submerged in an acid bath. The acid bites into the copper and thereby creates different types of tone and finish. The completed plate is then heated, ink is applied and wiped away so that it's left only in the grooves of the etching. The dampened paper is then applied to the plate and the image is pressed through an old style etching press. Finally, Lyndi hand-colours and signs each image. 'The printing process itself is meditative, almost mesmeric. But what I really love is the actual engraving - searching through ancient images for inspiration, doing my research into the plants I am depicting and choosing the final colours for each work,’ she says. Although Lyndi's are modern pieces, their look and feel is very much that of a period piece. So what does she feel she brings from the 21st century to her decidedly antique looking work? 'Accessibility,' she says. 'Not only are 17th century originals today priceless, when they first appeared they were ground-breaking, only produced in very small numbers and extremely costly. I, on the other hand, am able to produce and distribute my work far more quickly and easily. And, of course, because the works depict the natural world, they're timeless - which is why I guess they fit so well into a variety of different settings and homes.'

Sets by Lyndi Sales

Lyndi Sales - Blue & Grey Florals
Lyndi Sales - Coloured Trees
Lyndi Sales - Black & White Trees
Lyndi Sales - Blue Florilegium
Lyndi Sales - Blue & Grey Florals

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