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Jacques Clauzel

trowbridge artist - Jacques Clauzel Clauzel was born in 1941 in Nimes, France. He studied at the schools of Fine Art in Tourcoing, Montpellier and then Paris, where he gained his National Diploma in painting. He spent some years travelling through Africa using photographs as his medium to capture his new found love of African art. He came back to France in 1976 and once again picked up a paintbrush exploring etching, lithography, screen-printing and aquatinting. Clauzel uses clean ruled lines to construct simple forms without the constraint of being visually recognisable or overly personal. It is this neutral expression that assists the viewer experience, with Clauzel's desired experience being 'silence'. The format of his work is clean and simple, always linear with large monochrome surfaces in shades of black, white or brown.

Sets by Jacques Clauzel

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