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Erró, whose real name is Gudmundur Gudmundsson, was born on 19 July 1932 in Olafsvik, in north western Iceland. It was at the tender age of ten that Erró first encountered a passion for art. Upon finding a catalogue from the Museum of Modern Art in New York he became transfixed from that moment forth. He enrolled to the Iceland Academy of the Arts in Reykjavik and later furthered these studies with another course in the city of Oslo. After schooling Erró travelled extensively and began to exhibit his works, first and foremost in Paris, where he chose to make his home in 1958. Erró's art can certainly be typecast as Pop Art, with bold comic-strip characters taken from dozens of cultural resources the art draws close comparison with propaganda posters. Whilst describing his artwork, Erró has stated; "I paint because painting is a private Utopia" Erró embodies many pastiches and styles of other 20th century artists such as Picasso, Léger, Disney and Dalí. These are presented in such a way that they portray something of a hallmark for Erró, as the miscellany of pictorial languages fill the canvas with wilful abandon. This amalgamation epitomises both the playful nature of the subject matter and the deep contrasts in both colour and the images own content, as if spilling over with fullness. One interesting observation is the way Erró simultaneously employs and undermines his chosen clichés, creating imagined scenarios where more often than not, a female heroine will take centre stage. The reuse and regurgitation of things we might of already seen makes our shock and surprise minimal, which to an extent is the whole purpose of Pop Art and the utilization of the banal.

Sets by Erro

Erro - Femme au Tocan
Erro - La Mariee
Erro - Skinny Girls Ain't Sexy

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