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Susan Robertson

trowbridge artist - Susan Robertson Born in Dorset, Susan graduated in textile design at Farnham College of art and Design where she also studied both in print making and photography. Her keen interest in photography has continued to develop and it is this medium that currently forms a significant part of her work, along with graphic illustration and surface decoration of ceramic tableware. Spending time in the paddock at several classic car race meetings she became fascinated by the sheer presence that surrounds these historic machines, even when at rest and Susan has managed to capture this perfectly in her collection of evocative automotive images. Her latest photographic studies continue to explore the beauty inherent within objects of engineered excellence. They feature the most exquisitely created mechanical movements found in vintage pocket watches from a bygone era. Again, it is the extraordinary workmanship of such elegant yet technical pieces, that combine to make them such a beautiful statement of form and function, the essence of which is perfectly illustrated in her new prints.

Sets by Susan Robertson

Susan Robertson - Susan Robertson Watches
Susan Robertson - Colour Cars
Susan Robertson - Car Interior I
Susan Robertson - Car Interior II
Susan Robertson - Cars

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