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Chloe Gardner

trowbridge artist - Chloe Gardner Chloe Gardener is a British artist who has grown a unique style with an unwavering enthusiasm owing to her family's artistic background. She has continued to expand her portfolio since leaving University and loves to work within the mediums of painting and collage, with her personal mantra being her mission to create art that is both uplifting and inspiring. Her style has somewhat developed from the environments Chloe finds herself in. She spent half a decade living in Brazil, where she indulged in the culture and vibrant colours, being particularly inspired by the Brazilian artist, Beatriz Milhazes. The colours, the light and the nature were an invigorating experience. After meeting her husband and moving back to the Untied Kingdom, she now lives in the rolling Scottish landscape, surrounded by a picturesque beach and light airy woodland, where life and nature are very much harmonised. The beach that Chloe has chosen to reside by is a reserve for many of Britain's protected birds and it is here that Chloe collects many of the beautiful feathers used in the collages she creates. Trowbridge is excited to present two of Chloe's magnificent collage creations. Using nothing but the feathers of Guinea Fowl, the delicate and naturally pretty images create imagination and sense of fun.

Sets by Chloe Gardner

Chloe Gardner - Stag I
Chloe Gardner - Stag II
Chloe Gardner - Rockhoppers
Chloe Gardner - Two of a Kind
Chloe Gardner - Penguin
Chloe Gardner - Elephant

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