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Giulio Serafini

trowbridge artist - Giulio Serafini Giulio Serafini was born in Urbino on September 18th, 1961 and is most renowned for the art of engraving. Here in Urbino, it was the historical and cultural influence that played a key role in the development of Serafini's work. Serafini also had the opportunity to collaborate with important contemporary artists: Arnaldo Pomodoro -together they produced the book-sculpture "DE URBINO SING" and Walter Valentini, with whom he undertook the book-object "DANTE Anarca". His work confronts a reality very distant with craftsmanship mixed deliberately with inspiration. Incorporating precise lines, translating images and emotions of the soul whilst acids, copper, woods, paper and dust masterfully portray the otherwise unattainable character of Giulio Serafini.

Sets by Giulio Serafini

Giulio Serafini -

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