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Luca Bellandi

trowbridge artist - Luca Bellandi The artist was born in Livorno on the 7th of February 1962. He went to an Art High School in Pisa and graduated at the Fine Art Academy of Florence. At the beginning of his artistic path, his works were similar to other "classical" artists and he even worked on famous paintings. The artist underlined that this negative and casual work on famous paintings was an act of liberation from the artistic tradition and from the past. Afterwards Luca Bellandi discovered the American art and the underground way of life of this country. He was fascinated by all that he experienced in his traveling. Bellandi found a melting-pot of styles and enormous possibilities of artistic expressions, so different from the Italian tradition. Since 1994 Bellandi became art director for the Visual Art Departments of the "Arti evasive" in Livorno where he still lives and teaches drawing.

Sets by Luca Bellandi

Luca Bellandi - Purple Dress

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