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Tom Lakeman

trowbridge artist - Tom Lakeman Tom Lakeman is a London artist and photographer, whose work is a vibrant expression of his personality. His art could take on the form of a controlled photographic series or a spontaneous and free piece of performance art. In the series featured at Trowbridge, Tom has succeed in creating a fascinating collection of macro images that hone in on the intricate detail of something as simple as a child's candy gobstopper. A sweet such as this has beauty lurking within, the glorious rings of colour spill from the centre like rings of a planet, all encased inside the hard outer shell. The vibrancy and range of colour is mesmerising as our eyes are drawn in to the middle of the kaleidoscope-like sphere.

Sets by Tom Lakeman

Tom Lakeman - Blue Gobstoppers
Tom Lakeman - Candy Gobstoppers

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