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Aviva Stanoff

Designer Aviva Stanoff has collaborated with Martin Trowbridge to produce a series of unique framed textiles. Each textile is hand-dyed, etched and painted one at a time. No two are alike and each celebrates the botanicals that inspired them. Aviva began her career in textile design focusing on fashion runway work for close to six years before she launched her current collection of home textiles. Designs and composition will vary with each batch of textiles that Aviva produces.

Sets by Aviva Stanoff

Aviva Stanoff - Cream Eucalyptus
Aviva Stanoff - Eucalyptus
Aviva Stanoff - Eucalyptus Pimento

Her clients included top fashion houses in New York, London and Paris. Aviva's work is known for her combination of sophistication and subtlety. Each one-of-a-kind concept is hand-crafted with unwavering attention to design and detail as traditional embellishments meet cutting-edge textile treatments exclusive to her design studio.

Aviva Stanoff - Elephant Ear Triptych
Aviva Stanoff - Eucalyptus Triptych
Aviva Stanoff - Blue Grasses Triptych
Aviva Stanoff - Ivory Palm Triptych
Aviva Stanoff - Blue Bamboo

Most days you can find Aviva in her waterfront loft where she has a design studio in Brooklyn or in the flower markets of the city.

Aviva Stanoff - Eucalyptus Twilight
Aviva Stanoff - Cream Eucalyptus
Aviva Stanoff - Eucalyptus
Aviva Stanoff - Pimento Eucalyptus
Aviva Stanoff - Blue Gypsophila
Aviva Stanoff - Blue Shade
Aviva Stanoff - Truffle Shade

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