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Valerie Davide

trowbridge artist - Valerie Davide After many years in her professional career as a counsellor and art therapist, Valerie Davide turned her attention to her love of drawing. Born in 1938, her fluid work sees her lines ebb and flow across the paper, yet the animal eyes are the focal point of all her work. Now Living in the East Sussex countryside of picturesque England, Valerie has been able to thrive in an environment of animated animals with big personalities. Each of the drawings possesses a fascinating sense of character through the rough and ready charcoal lines. One technique that Valerie has mastered is the practice of drawing with her left hand, despite ordinarily being right handed. This is something that a past tutor encouraged when mastering the art of expressive drawing.You can抰 help but love the energetic Terriers, the tired Labradors and inquisitive Bulldogs, as the free and fluid lines speak a thousand words.

Sets by Valerie Davide

Valerie Davide - Sepia Dogs
Valerie Davide - Dogs
Valerie Davide - Dogs

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