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Amanda Ross

trowbridge artist - Amanda Ross Amanda Ross is known for her exquisitely detailed botanical prints. She produces images of extraordinary life-like quality. Inspired by the British countryside, each piece is hand printed using a technique developed by her. Every botanical image is chosen carefully. Using inks and a variety of templates made from plant cuttings, Amanda transfers these images onto fabrics. Each print is an original. The resulting pieces evoke the many faces of nature; from structured, ordered, simplicity to wild chaos. First Shown in 2001 the Allium has become her trademark print.

Sets by Amanda Ross

Amanda Ross - Wild Flowers
Amanda Ross - Amanda Ross Florals Nine Piece
Amanda Ross - Agapanthus Wood
Amanda Ross - Blue Garden
Amanda Ross - Florals
Amanda Ross - Grey Allium
Amanda Ross - Taupe Allium
Amanda Ross - Agapanthus Wood

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