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TROWBRIDGE offers the very finest examples of fine art prints, antique prints, black and white photography, textiles and original works of art all in exquisite handmade frames.

Posted at 18.2.2017 15:01

Most definitely NOT still life pieces, showing the grace and poise of divers –even when caught mid-air!… https://t.co/VZMi3YOQSX

Posted at 16.2.2017 15:01

Real book covers painted with beasts from across the #animal kingdom (FYI, the snappy croc is our favourite)… https://t.co/fJKL1otUj0

Posted at 15.2.2017 15:02

Feeling blue? Gill Wilson’s intricate dyed print works will do the trick. Browse her most tactile collection now… https://t.co/WifiuKG6sX

Posted at 14.2.2017 15:02

Emma Lawrenson’s abstracts need no introduction so we won’t try. Marvel at her skill in our new ‘best of’ collectio… https://t.co/g8wNWRRYb7

Posted at 10.2.2017 15:01

Our Ultimate #Abstract Collection has everything - it’s really the best of the best - even if we do say so ourselve… https://t.co/CuK15Wbrrd

Posted at 27.1.2017 15:02

Did you know there are 42 species of dahlia? Well there are, and you can sample four in this new series of prints… https://t.co/41f6BNR3hI

Posted at 26.1.2017 15:02

It takes craft & experience to make a boat, and this shot makes a great case for that using tones & textures alone… https://t.co/oWOZoH4ZTx

Posted at 24.1.2017 15:02

Summer’s just round the corner! OK, maybe not quite, but it doesn’t hurt to daydream with this series… https://t.co/ShWI9bmPZn

Posted at 23.1.2017 15:02

It would probably be impossible to shoot these arctics without grace – but that white sky gives them power too… https://t.co/6Mpkxfjfrr

Posted at 20.1.2017 15:02

Perfection at lunchtime –puffins with their latest haul. The colours alone, from beak to the claw, make it one to s… https://t.co/b4zdi01I8p

Posted at 17.1.2017 15:02

One of a pair of night scenes from London in this month’s catalogue – ghostly, iconic and picturesque all at once… https://t.co/Hvf8ImJb8V

Posted at 12.1.2017 12:46

Geometric perfection from the highest skyscrapers, these aerial shots are the perfect homage to the coolest city th… https://t.co/QUCTpurcKo

Posted at 10.1.2017 15:01

Charlotte Morgan’s new series finds the heart of summer – silhouettes from the animal kingdom from the beach… https://t.co/UQsxI9AxEr

Posted at 9.1.2017 15:01

The favourites – but all in styles new for 2017. So much detail, so much colour. Which is your favourite?… https://t.co/zsPFhIywk6

Posted at 6.1.2017 15:56

Our new 10-strong B&W abstract collection feels calm, reflective and balanced – perfect for January!… https://t.co/Zbrkho7S8O

Posted at 16.12.2016 12:45

We have technical problems with phones and emails at TROWBRIDGE HQ, hoping for normal service to resume shortly, thank you for your patience

Posted at 21.11.2016 17:02

RT @aTailoredSpace: Stunning! This oversized photograph of a white horse thru @Trowbridge_Art is the perfect complement to Elizabeth’s Worl…

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